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Commercial Cleaning

Residential Cleaning

​​Being experts on the sanitation of building blocks and the other fundamental tools used daily to educate our youth, our cleaning technicians will do an equally as outstanding cleaning of your establishment!  We use undefeatable products to attack the daily grime caused by high traffic. 


Not only can we make your workplace a sanitary environment, but we can also relieve you from your weekly cleaning duties at home too!

​Here's how!

STEP 1: Fill out our service request form.

STEP 2: Check your email.
You will receive an email from us with a checklist attached.  This checklist is used to gain clarity and full understanding of expectations and also for quality assurance during scheduled cleanings.

STEP 3: Meet with us for a 10-15 minute consultation.

STEP 4: Let us lighten your workload!

Let Us:

Vacuum & Deodorize Carpets

Steam Clean Tile, Wood, & Linoleum Floors

Clean Windows, Glass Doors & Small Appliances

Dust Tables, Counters, Light Bulbs, Light Fixtures, & Displays

Cobweb Removal

Empty Small Trashcans, Shredders & Recycling Bins

Other Approved Tasks (Specified by Client)

Let Us Sanitize Your Daycare

Infants seem to believe everything is made to go in their mouths, while toddlers just can’t resist leaving  their tiny finger prints on every surface. Although cute, both cause  the spreading of germs.

Our sanitation service for childcare facilities is more  than thorough.  Providing a clean  and safe setting is conducive in maintaining our  children’s good health and promoting optimum productivity. We use nothing but the highest grade  of natural products that are 100% safe for our  young ones.

Teachers are educated and trained to teach children, not to disinfect their toys, tables, chairs, teddy bears or any of the other recommended daily  cleaning.  Our services will leave the kids, parents,  and staff more than pleased!

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